Reducing the number of dropouts at tennis clubs

Gelotology for Tennis Vlaanderen. Sports clubs have great difficulty in keeping members in the 14-16 age bracket motivated. Changes in their lives, as well as other interests mean that this is the age group where the number of membership dropouts is the highest. Tennis Flanders was wondering how these youngsters could be kept motivated.


Teen Coaches


How do you ensure that youngsters don’t leave their club and also that the tennis club itself becomes attractive to kids of that age?


We spoke with dozens of tennis clubs and young people, looking at their interests and the reasons they have for leaving the club. We combined this with researching the literature covering developmental psychology and found that there was something available for kids and for grown-ups, but nothing for the age bracket in between. Whereas this is precisely the age at which the greatest psychological changes are taking place.


We launched teen coaches. A unique training programme for a totally new coach profile in the Flemish tennis world. Youngsters were trained to encourage their friends and acquaintances to become enthusiastic about tennis. And particularly to keep that enthusiasm going. By working with young people there is a greater connection with youth tennis and the transition from child’s tennis to adult tennis becomes a lot less abrupt.

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