Strengthening The Social Function Of A Toy Library

Gelotology for Spelotheek Roeselare. The toy library had an old-fashioned image and wasn’t attracting many people. Yet the idea of ‘lending toys’ is a very sensible and attractive one, in view of the fact that every year huge amounts of toys end up on the scrapheap.




How can people be encouraged not to buy toys new and then simply throw them away once they have been used – and instead to visit a toy library first?


The toy library was given the slogan in Dutch meaning “It’s fun to share toys”. Working with the staff at the toy museum and the ARhus knowledge centre, new premises were found in the main shopping street and refurbished based on new values and principles.


A counter was placed in the new toy library to which people could bring their broken toys. These toys were then taken in by the TOY team or reworked/repurposed into a fun new toy. They were then lent out again.

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