Encouraging Dental Hygiene Among Children

Gelotology for CM. 1 in every 3 children needs to go to the dentist for a filling before they reach the age of six. To prevent cavities, they should brush their teeth twice a day. But many kids don’t like brushing their teeth and it is by no means easy for parents to get their children to do it.


Brushing Book


How do you help parents to encourage their children to clean their teeth, without the usual arguments or tantrums?


Gelotology studied the literature and analysed the results of the CM survey. Developmental psychology was used to look for a solution that encourages children to clean their teeth. A solution that also involves parents so that effectiveness is significantly increased.


Gelotology developed a ‘brushing book’. This is an interactive reading book in which cleaning teeth is part of the story. This makes cleaning teeth an enjoyable experience, with the negative feeling giving way to something more positive. Cleaning teeth is all about routine. The book creates a way for both children and parents to establish a regular new teeth-cleaning habit.

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