Conveying Information In Child-Size Pieces

Gelotology for Bokrijk. Museums often have a wealth of exciting stories to tell. But with children it is often difficult to hold their attention and interest purely because of the sheer quantity of information on offer. Unless the story can be told in a fun, magical, engaging way.


The Magic Blacksmith


The blacksmith’s forge at Bokrijk has been an attraction for years, as the blacksmith demonstrates his craft ‘live’ to visitors. But when the smith can’t be there for some reason, the whole experience becomes somewhat lacking. How do you make up for that?


We observed visitors to the forge, both when the blacksmith was there and when he wasn’t. Our findings were then compared with general visitor trends and combined with an educational approach to give the children the right information they need.


We created and set up a humorous audiovisual installation in which, using projection mapping, the smith’s main tools and equipment (furnace, barrel and anvil) were brought to life so that the smith’s work could continue even when he wasn’t there himself. This audiovisual presentation enabled us to enhance the museum-like experience for young and old – plus the public could be given the relevant information in an entertaining way.

Audio play: ‘De Bokrokker’


How do you start getting children enthusiastic about going to the museum when they are still on the way there?


Gelotology wrote an audio play in conjunction with the Geluidshuis in which Bokrijk and its smith play a leading role. The play is sold in the Standaard Bookstore and the Bokrijk museum shop.

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