Interior Design As A Way To Change Behaviour

Gelotology for Kenniscentrum ARhus. The café at a library is usually a place where you would expect to sit quietly while you read a book. ARhus Knowledge Centre took a different approach. Every section of the knowledge centre should contribute to the user’s vision and in doing so they can gather knowledge, share knowledge and be encouraged to find out more about things.


Cross-Fertilisation Cafe


How can we encourage people to gather knowledge, share knowledge and find out about things – all in a café setting?


Gelotology came up with idea of a ‘cross-fertilisation café’. Creating a pleasant location where a whole range of programmes consciously and unconsciously encourage people to exchange thoughts with each other or create new experiences.


The tables in the café have been given a new surface that can be written on and chalk provided to encourage instant brainstorming. Lots of plants have been put in place to provide extra oxygen. The colour temperature of the light is a combination between cosiness and concentration. Power sockets have been put within easy reach in the café so that information can be obtained both online and offline. And in addition to classic dishes, the chef also serves brain-food to help students when they are studying. Etc.

Service design is an essential tool in the toolbox of any organisation. It has the power to change people’s behaviour, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and make your organisation stand out from the competition. We will be happy to talk with you, obligation-free, about where Gelotology can make a difference in your organisation.

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