Removing Frustrations While Waiting

Gelotology for Brussels Airport / Plopsaland. People don’t like having to wait. But in some public places waiting is unavoidable. These are places where people need to be helped as much as possible so that the frustrations generated by having to wait do not overwhelm everything else.


The Attraction For The Attraction


How can you make waiting for hours in a queue at an amusement park seem less long for people – and especially for children?


The basic premise was to make the queue for the attraction an attraction in itself. So we looked at how the hundreds of people could have a fun time waiting without constantly looking at the clock.


We created a button-based game throughout the entire queue. There is a button on every pole so that regardless of where you are in the line, you can still play. A new game begins every 2½ minutes so that the actual waiting time between having something amusing to do is reduced from 2 hours to 2½ minutes.

Airport Games


How can you help parents to get their children to behave appropriately in a highly sensitive environment such as an airport?


The more active children can be, the more they lose track of time. Which helps give their parents a break. Gelotology created some active Airport Games featuring lounge chairs so that the parents can relax yet keep an eye on the kids without stressing.


Airport Games are based on life in an airport, such as the 100 metres Gate Run & Luggage Lift. Using Kinect technology, people are invited to compete against each other. This also has a social component with the games, because if you want to you can play against someone from a totally different country who just happens to be at the airport at that time.

Service design is an essential tool in the toolbox of any organisation. It has the power to change people’s behaviour, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and make your organisation stand out from the competition. We will be happy to talk with you, obligation-free, about where Gelotology can make a difference in your organisation.

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