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‘Gelotology’ is a term used in psychology and literally means the ‘Science of Laughter’. We observe and measure how people experience their contacts with a product, service, company or city. These insights enable us to design creative services that will enhance that experience.


Our team of psychologists, strategists and analysts work together to identify human insights into a predetermined subject. They use a variety of tools to gather the data they need: observations, interviews, studies of the literature, interpretation of data collected by the client. The report created as a result forms the basis for the design of the creative solution.


Our team of service designers and product developers then builds on this analysis and goes looking for a suitable solution. A solution that enhances the experience – a solution capable of bringing a smile to the face of the person in question. This solution is prototyped, tested, optimised and – depending on the situation – scaled accordingly.


The science of laughter uses a unique S.M.I.L.E. methodology to arrive at solutions that are both creative and impactful.


S = Science

Gathering as many human insights as possible about a predetermined topic.


M = Mapping

Mapping the entire customer journey and defining the biggest opportunities.


I = Ideation

Looking for creative and effective solutions for the predefined challenges.


L = Lab

Prototyping, testing and adjusting the solution into an effective model that can be implemented.


E = Execution

Implementation of the solution and tracking of the results via post-tests.


Improving the quality of life for the elderly

Zorgbedrijf Roeselare

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Improving The Experience For Retail Customers


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Reducing the number of dropouts at tennis clubs

Tennis Vlaanderen

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Conveying Information In Child-Size Pieces


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Encouraging Dental Hygiene Among Children


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Strengthening The Social Function Of A Toy Library

Spelotheek Roeselare

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Interior Design As A Way To Change Behaviour

Kenniscentrum ARhus

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Removing Frustrations While Waiting

Brussels Airport / Plopsaland

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What we can do for you

Service design is an essential tool in the toolbox of any organisation. It has the power to change people’s behaviour, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and make your organisation stand out from the competition. We will be happy to talk with you, obligation-free, about where Gelotology can make a difference in your organisation.

Frederik Cuyvers
Client Service Director
+32 496 27 24 73